Ideas are bullets, that’s why we say that Fidel was, is, a soldier of ideas. At this moment in history, we feel that men no longer produce ideas, that there are no new ideas, that we are condemned to remain with the ideas that all the previous centuries left us, as if man had really, as Foucault said, already died. But wars and barbarism continue, and ideas, though surely short-lived, continue to fill the newspapers, now digital, magazines and writings in different media, transmitting ideas, many of them stupid, others consciously stupid for it to make noise, to hinder others who want to point out other possibilities and new alternatives to these already hackneyed ones, that have fed us up, because even the most revolutionary ones of the 20th century produce weariness, they stifle a human being of the 21st century who still loves what is human, too human, because they have been taken away to be used in causes that continued to nourish nothing else, what we wanted to change so much.

By Ana Lucía Calderón

Clearly, I have been seeing for the last thirty years how the identical ideas of the past are reincarnated, renewed, re, re, re, re, re, re, re-educated, replaced, re-enchanted, re-enchanted, re-enchanted, presented as new creations, to fill us with illusion, with the hungry novelty that our minds need and thus make us believe that we are changing them. As if the impoverished language, the lack of reading, of knowledge of life, of the minimum, of history, of everything, just because it already exists in a virtual cloud, were enough to be able to bring about the social transformation that the majority would like.

That is why today my bullets are charged with the “Dialectics of the Enlightenment”, which asked how it was possible that after having convinced us that reason would lead humanity to reach plenitude, happiness, the great tranquility of having institutions, organisations, a society that thanks to reason was moving towards progress, curing all social ills, was capable of ending up in the extreme barbarism that was the Second World War.

The colonial reasons of devastation committed by the Belgians, French, Dutch and English all over the world during the 19th century were intended to lead to the expansion of law, progress, civilisation, human evolution, thanks to the great goddess, Reason. But this divinity afterwards justified all the most terrible human monstrosities. Because reason is an instrument to dominate men, to trivialise evil, to turn it into a bureaucratic job, like any other. Because evil is banal and ceases to have any importance when torture, cruelty, murder become work for a great purpose, such as the preservation of democracy, of struggles for minorities, or the defence of free enterprise, corporations, or to defend us from the “evil bloc”. Evil is a job when 6,402 human beings are killed and we accept to call them false positives, because in that way we forget that they were people, just as others pretend to change the language to boys, girls, children, because in that way child abuse will end or when telling the story, they, elles, elloes, will disappear the cruelty that is registered in it in every instant of existence on this planet. Again, it is the work of rationality: Oh, I know, let’s change the words, so they will believe that the way they name it is the way things are. Oh, I know, let’s kill a lot of so and so! But how do we get rid of their filthy bodies that get in the way? The main task is not how to kill them, but how to get rid of the rubbish… that’s the main thing. Sometimes they don’t even preoccupy themselves with hiding them any more, not even being registered on cameras, those death bureaucrats, like policemen in the USA, “doing their duty” avoid doing such acts. This reminds me of an important fact, that the white nation’s reason discriminates against the Negro because it considers him inferior. But the Germans killed the Jew because they considered him superior, because he was a threat, because they were going to steal their country, because they were more intelligent, so they had to be killed. As Nietzsche said, “the Aryan doesn’t have to be intelligent, he has to be a warrior”. So, the German Nazi warriors didn’t want to be intelligent, they wanted to be birds of prey, they wanted to be hawks, eagles.

In the end they were right, afterwards, who got to keep all the money from the devastation of the war? For the next 70 years or more, these super-intelligent people own everything and everything living that exists in their domain, including us.

There is no killing without a rationally effective scheme. For that they invent, research, produce new chemical and biological weapons, food that poisons, thoughts that damage the health of mankind. I wonder if today the Russian is attacked out of contempt, like the Negro, or because it is seen as superior, like the Jew. It seems to me that it is both at the same time, because how can these primitive peoples live so well and have such a marvellous culture.

The reason of the big capitalist bourgeoisie needs to affirm itself by denying madness and needs to affirm the society it builds by denying delinquency, and that is why it builds prisons and asylums, as Foucault said. But we see our society of 2022, it has turned that upside down and it is no longer a big capitalist bourgeoisie, it is a mini super super mega bourgeoisie and we don’t know whether to call it capitalist any more. And madness is the new reason, madmen are on the streets, loose inebriated, zombies, drugged by collective madness, human disappointment or economic anguish, corruption is not shameful, nor is it delinquency, it is opportunity. But make no mistake, it is the same picture. It is identical: all this is not man’s irrationality – man is evil when he is rational, not when he is irrational!

So today Europe must function as a paternalistic socialist state, (those same ones that have been mocked and belittled for having a “lazy” and inefficient economy), which prefers to subsidise its people, instead of ensuring them work, shelter, welfare, in return, will make them stand in long queues to give them small markets, all to eat in communal dining halls, and above all will demand and force them to save, and whoever does not do so will be considered a criminal, because they have the rational obligation to defend Ukraine, the champion of democracy and institutionality. This sacrifice is obligatory for everyone.

When Elizabeth Truss says that she is not afraid to press the nuclear button, telling Boris Johnson, the men, more or less, that she is macho, and she would do it. When the poor little Finnish prime minister says that she has every right for it to make parties, orgies or whatever in the presidential palace because she is bored, she is tired, she has to have fun, she is under a lot of pressure with all this war stuff. When the German minister Annalena Baerbock says that she cannot under any circumstances break the promise she made to the Ukrainians to help them indefinitely, regardless of the people who elected her, because they are going to receive humanitarian aid, then even if it seems absurd, even if it seems crazy, all this is nothing but the great reigning Reason, the one that puts us in this harmonious, just, aesthetic, pleasant, peaceful world.