The Yankees are the most powerful country in the world. They are the richest, have the best army, the best cars, eat the most junk food, and are the fattest, although the latter is not in the movies.

If you go to New York, you will not know America, as most foreigners do. Because New York is an alien, cosmopolitan city, like Berlin, Lebanon, and Mexico City grafted in the middle of Yanquiland.

But if you go to the small or medium-sized towns in the interior, you can meet them there. They all go to church, any church, mostly Protestant, it doesn’t matter, but they have to go to one. They are all very religious, they eat apple pie and they have guns in their houses: all kinds of guns are allowed.

They just don’t feel safe without a gun. They don’t seem to trust their laws, their police or their authorities very much.

In this powerful country, fear reigns. They are afraid of blacks and when they see one – and worse if there are several of them – they cross to the opposite side of the street. They also fear Muslims, Latinos, in short, all those who are different. I have already told you that this is not in New York because that city is abroad.

But are these killings out of fear or hate? Because a lot of them happen in schools: a student comes in with a gun and kills a bunch of classmates and teachers.

Psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists have probably studied this strange phenomenon, but to no avail, because they can’t help it, since the perpetrators are generally calm, friendly people who have never given rise to mistrust.

But they often reveal the sadistic side that many carry within them, that demonic part of the human being that manifests itself and expands when it finds no limits. What limits? Well, being forbidden to have a deadly weapon.

Of course, we have to start by thinking that this does not happen in other countries. There are crimes everywhere, but they are different. One man kills his wife out of jealousy, another, kills to steal, another drives drunk and runs over and kills someone. But these senseless mass killings are the exclusive preserve of gringos.

What has happened in Paris and other European countries, Muslims blowing themselves up and taking a lot of people with them, is something else, it is religious fanaticism derived from very complex phenomena that it is not appropriate to analyze here.

Several massacres in gay bars in the United States are said to be due to homophobic hatred. A man doesn’t like homosexuals, so he grabs a machine gun or some such weapon and kills 50 people, injures more than 50, until the police kill him.

It’s like if you don’t like seafood, then you go into a fish market and kill everyone there. Or if you don’t like Woody Allen movies, then you go into a cinema where one is playing and kill everyone in the audience.

That’s how easy it is when you have a deadly weapon at your disposal. Last night you slept badly, you had an argument with the missus, the boss scolded you or your son got bad marks, in short, you are in a bad mood. Quite simply, you grab your machine gun, go to a school and kill 30 children.

In passing, I’ll say that the people who do these things are always men, as far as I know. Funny, isn’t it?

The Americans defend the right to bear arms with all their might, or I should say with gunfire. The right to bear arms is in the country’s constitution. They seem to consider it as a human right, just like the right to education or health, although these are not fulfilled there because everything is paid for.

If they don’t have a gun in their dresser drawer, they feel unprotected, that suddenly the neighbor is going to come in with a machine gun and kill the whole family. But sometimes they forget to lock the drawer and the four-year-old boy comes in, grabs the gun and kills the mother. It’s better not to take this into account because it’s an accident.

The whole thing is very reminiscent of the Far-west, of Gary Cooper confronting the bad guy, to see who will draw first. Or of a plane casually dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Or of a patrol of blond-haired, very religious, apple-pie-eating young men on Sunday who arrives in Vietnam and set fire to a village inhabited only by women and children and burns them all. Or is it like so many great American films, which don’t succeed if there aren’t several dead people in them?

It seems that what prevails in this country is fear, fear of the different, fear of the unknown, in short, fear of the other. They hardly know that there is another world and they are terrified of it. When they travel, they think that everyone speaks English, perhaps they believe that there are no other languages in the world.

They are ignorant, they are arrogant, and they are rude. And many are otherwise quite good people. But they are fearful. Remember when they did the Twin Towers to them, how terrified they were?

And what conclusion can you draw? I would say that fearful people are dangerous. Let’s not be afraid of them either, they are already going down and that’s why they are kicking the bucket all over the world.

Let us have compassion for them, but let us not imitate them or follow them, for their culture is far inferior to ours, lest we get into the habit of senseless massacres.

And never keep a gun in the house, because it is well known that guns are the devil’s burden. And it seems that if you have a gun, if there is no butter for breakfast, you are tempted to use it, so you go to your former school and kill all the pupils.