In view of the upcoming presidential election to be held in Angola on the 24th of August, the International Federation of Humanist Parties (IHP), gives its full support to the candidacy of Dr. Florbela Malaquias of the Humanist Party of Angola.

Punta de Vacas, Argentina, August 15, 2022

From: Dr. Liliana Ambrosio – Secretary General – International Federation of Humanist Parties – PHI

To: Dr. Florbela Malaquias – Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Angola – Humanist Party of Angola

Re: Presidential Election.

Dear Florbela,

For humanists around the world and particularly for the Humanist Party, the growing concentration of international finance capital has been a major driver of violence and inequality in the world. It is a global system that has been based strictly on capital, discarding the intrinsic value of the human being.

Consequently, Universalist Humanism favours the deconcentration of political and economic power, and opposes all forms of violence (not only physical violence, but also racial, sexual, religious and economic violence) and all forms of explicit or tacit discrimination.

The African continent has historically suffered from the divisive politics of the economic powers. This has favoured corruption and a neo-colonialism that has not allowed it to breathe freely. A system greedy for its gigantic natural resources, where human beings have been considered as just another natural resource, marginalising them from their rights and their most basic needs, including the environment.
In this struggle, the people of Angola have been shaking off the imperial yokes with too much pain and more suffering. In short, with more violence.

As humanists, we advocate the policy of profound, direct and real democratisation, not only of the executive and legislative powers, but also of the judiciary and – above all – of economic power through the co-management of capital + labour and cooperativism.

As the International Federation of Humanist Parties, we wish with all our strength that your humanising political message will reach the heart of every Angolan woman and man on the 24th of August through your valuable candidacy for the presidency of the republic. We also welcome the fact that you are the only female representative for the Presidency of Angola and in opposition to the imposed two-party system.
We also extend our warmest greetings and welcome to the courageous members of the Humanist Party of Angola!

Dr. Liliana Ambrosio
Secretary General of the International Coordination Team – Humanist Party International