On 14th June, the 5th day of the FABB camp, Ginnie Herbert entered the naval base at Coulport. She was accompanied by 3 other peace and environmental activists in their single canoes with banners flying. 2 independent press photographers witnessed and recorded the incident. Photos and film were taken of her beaching her canoe inside the base. She landed her canoe on the rocky shore, stepped onto the MoD land and planted her CND flag in the earth. She then held out a peace banner.

She said, ‘I came here in sorrow that the UK refused to keep its promises made in the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty) to disarm its weapons of mass destruction. The UK should be in Vienna with the majority of the world’s nations to attend the 1st CoP of the TPNW (UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons). This Treaty offers hope and safety. Continuing to expand our nuclear forces makes Scotland a target and threatens the whole planet with catastrophe. We need to rid ourselves of our nuclear addiction and put the wasted resources into renewable non nuclear energy production, relieve poverty and tackle climate change.’

Ginnie returned to her canoe and battling against the wind left the naval base and returned to her awaiting friends. They all paddled back to the Trident Ploughshares/XR Peace camp at Peaton Wood.

Other Greenham Women had walked the MoD road from Coulport to Faslane publicising the nuclear convoy route and the inadequate plans to deal with possible nuclear accidents on the roads from Burghfield, Berkshire to Coulport.


The FABB camp has been set up to publicise the TPNW and to record opposition to UK threats of nuclear mass destruction.

The 3 activists arrested yesterday for blockading the entrance to Coulport nuclear base have now been released and will appear in Dumbarton Court later in the month.

Faslane Action for Bomb Ban is active at Coulport and Faslane from 9th to 18th June 2022. 
For more information contact fabb@gn.apc.org or look at the following websites https://tridentploughshares.org/ or https://xrpeace.org/ 
or ring 07454-573135


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