Until 25.06.2022, all EU citizens can sign online for an Unconditional Basic Income (www.sign.eci-ubi.eu) UBI.

The citizens’ initiative of all 27 EU countries is an invitation to the European Commission to become active and to develop proposals for unconditional basic incomes. For the initiative to be successful, at least one million EU citizens must have signed the initiative and at least seven of the 27 EU countries must reach their respective minimum number of signatories.

Currently, over 260,000 signatures have been collected. In the last three days alone, 15,000 signatures have been collected, mainly from Spain and Italy. Germany is close to reaching the minimum number.

As a special attraction, UBI4ALL is giving away six months of European Basic Income at 800 per month. All EU citizens aged 16 and over can register, and participation in the raffle is free of charge. So far, two European basic incomes have been financed via crowdfunding – one year of basic income was raffled to Lucie in France, another year to Thomas in Ireland. UBI4ALL makes basic income tangible across Europe and thus triggers the political debate in civil society.

The EU Initiative for Basic Income and UBI4ALL are part of a Europe-wide citizens’ movement that aims to strengthen individual freedom, security and equal opportunities for all.