A sunny autumn day where the cold was displaced by Human Warmth

Referents of various organisations of the International Humanist Movement, Communities of Silo’s Message, neighbours and friends of the Park, celebrated together this anniversary. A variety of activities and reunions gave shape to an unforgettable day full of affection, joy and images of the future.

Also in attendance were authorities and special guests such as the current communal president Mónica Arán and Pablo Sullivan who also held that position for several periods in Lucio V. López.

Video: The National Deputy Magalí Mastaler (Frente de Todos) also shared the celebration, invited by Gabriel Parnisari, a humanist referent in the political sphere of Santa Fe.

This Park of Study and Reflection is called “Carcarañá” because it is next to this river, near the camping site of Lucio V. López, a small town located where route 34 passes over the river, 35 kilometres from Rosario or San Lorenzo, in the province of Santa Fe in Argentina.

Students of Silo’s teachings, both old and new participants, were grateful for the pleasant encounters and for those who sent greetings and good wishes from all over the world.

There are more parks like this one in Argentina and more than 60 in the world. They continue to multiply thanks to volunteers committed to promoting the evolution of the Human Being both personally and socially. That is why they also promote actions in all spheres towards overcoming internal and external violence in all its forms, while continuing to make progress in overcoming mental suffering and strengthening Meaning and Awakening.

From Parque Carcarañá they send a strong embrace with Peace, FORCE and Joy to all.

More information at www.ParqueCarcarana.org

More photos and videos of the celebration in this link to the park’s facebook page.