On Sunday 1st May, various organisations led by World without Wars and without Violence – Peru met for the launch of the National Campaign for Peace and Active Nonviolence, which will walk 131.5 kilometres between 4th May and 23rd October this year. The meeting was at the Ihuanco Park of Study and Reflection, from where the struggle against all kinds of violence radiates.

Along with the organisers of World without Wars and without Violence – Peru, representatives of the organisations Pax Ahimsa, the Nonviolent Cities project, the New Civilisation Centre for Humanist Studies, Silo’s Message, the Community for Development, the Humanist Pedagogical Current (COPEHU), the international news agency Pressenza and independent activists for active nonviolence attended the meeting.

The meeting allowed for the creation of working groups in which the different types of violence that oppress the world were discussed and various lines of action were drawn up: the creation of conditions for a sustainable planet, the installation of a culture of active nonviolence that rejects and denounces all forms of violence: physical, economic, racial, religious, psychological, sexual, moral and against nature.

The national Campaign for Peace and Active Nonviolence will start this Wednesday, May 4th, the Day of Witness, on which 53 years ago Mario Rodríguez Cobos (Silo), in Punta de Vacas – Argentina, gave the harangue on the Healing of Suffering (to overcome violence and internal suffering); a message that has spread to the five continents and that today, more than ever, is more relevant, both because of the installed violence, and even more, because of the sensitivity and determination of activists who reject violence in any of its forms.

The organisers of World without War and without Violence – Peru invited citizens of all ages, sexes and nationalities to “get active” in order to participate – physically or virtually – and install active nonviolence. Information about the campaign can be found at the following link: