On May 4, 1969, some two hundred people came to a remote place in the Andes Mountains to listen to a man named Silo.

The Healing of Suffering

This is Silo’s first public expression of his ideas. In poetic language, he explains that the most important knowledge for living (“true wisdom”) is not the same as the knowldge found in books—knowledge of universal laws or things of that nature—but is a question of inner experience. The most important knowledge for living is related to comprehending suffering and how to surpass it.

Today, as we celebrate 53 years of that Message, we are present in 150 countries, as volunteers, working for simultaneous Personal & Social transformation., selflessly. sharing this process with everyone around us, to the best of our humble efforts.

The world today, amidst a very deep crisis where violence (Physical, Economical, Racial, Religious, Psychological, Moral) is causing suffering for the 7.5 billion population of the planet, a solution is urgently needed to overcome this suffering.

It is possible to overcome this violence. It is possible for each individual to overcome the internal violence (enmity, frustrations, resentments, sadness, loneliness, discrimination, injustice, etc.) as the first step of overcoming violence from society;
It is possible to overcome this violence by treating others as we want them to treat us;
It is possible to overcome this violence by giving the highest value to the human being, not discriminating against anyone based on caste, religion, race, color, gender, economy, citizenship, language, etc.;
It is possible to overcome this violence through the system of Cooperative economy replacing the monopolies and speculative capital that manipulates the 99% of population’s wealth;
The planet has everything for everyone’s need, but not enough for a single person’s greed.