There are many countries that understand and will celebrate April 25, 2022 – Liberation Day. It is a designated day  marking the beginning of the end of Nazi-Fascism. Today, April 22 is Earth Day, an awareness moment celebrated globally in understanding the richness and bounty our World has and continues to provide, leaving us all Her stewardship in good faith.
Juxtaposed between these two significant days of meaning, young people ( have organized another important event – The Peace and Fraternity March on Sunday, April 24, 2022 in an international city of peace – Assisi, Italy – the home of St. Francis and his writing, Canticle of the Creatures (c.1224), in praise and personification of the sun, moon, stars, elements of air, water, fire, earth with gratitude and love for the blessings of life. These blessings are under threats of a seemingly “cavalier” disinterest buttressed against systems and players whose values may drive their extinction.
To counter and reject media’s minute-by-minute destruction, The Center for Human Rights at the University of Padova has supported and promotes this event: Human Right Centre – Università di Padova | Events and Updates :: Special edition of the Peace and Fraternity March Perugia-Assisi, Sunday 24th April 2022

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