One day she dreamed that the United States had won and no longer had any enemies, that no one remained to oppose them. There was excitement, some revelry, some ephemeral celebrations… but in a few days, the Government and its citizens found themselves distracted, not knowing what to do.

By Enrique Collado Rueda

Then she dreamed that it was Russia that had come out on top. And although there were days of festivity and euphoria, the Government and its citizens were soon invaded by a kind of growing listlessness, as they realized for the first time that they would no longer have any enemies.

At last, in the same dream, she dreamed that it was China that had emerged triumphant – and that after a night of fireworks, the Government and its citizens were left without any other dreams.

That was when she saw that in spite of everything, the emptiness in their hearts was still there.

When the child woke up, the first thing she did was to put the luminous crystal ball – the thing they had fought over the day before – back in its place before her brother awoke.