Faced with the invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine, we make public:

  • A call, to the union of all humanists of the world to condemn and denounce this invasion.
  • We demand an immediate ceasefire from all parties to the conflict.
  • We denounce the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army and the expansion of NATO military arsenals throughout the region as alarming aggressions against world peace.
  • We demand, from the UN and the parties concerned, an urgent and supervised Dialogue, until it leads to urgent global solutions and commitments.
  • Knowing that violence destroys, non-violence is the only way to confront this conflict.
  • There will be no future, if it does not belong to all and for all!

Because, as Silo already said in 2006:

“People are saying everywhere, that war is a disaster. Let’s give Peace a chance!

To avoid future atomic catastrophe, we must work on overcoming violence TODAY.

  1.  Withdraw the invading troops.
  2.  Return the occupied territories.
  3.  Dismantle the arsenals.

These are the urgencies of the hour.
This is the cause of brave women and men!”