This coming #8M will see the release of the Sorority project, which we have been working on for weeks. It is a collective video, replicated in ten languages, with the participation of 81 women from 22 countries and 4 supportive male friends.

The project is based on the poem of the same title, Sororidad, by our colleague Juana Pérez Montero, which vindicates the historical role of women as caretakers of life, and the strength they mobilise when they move away from patriarchal models and work with others in a collaborative way.

The image of the project grew as we shared it with friends and colleagues who recognised themselves in the spirit of the poem and who added their solidarity and enthusiasm, in short, their sisterhood. Some have invited others, proposing new interpreters, other languages, translators… taking root in the project and making new branches grow on a tree that began small and today announces its flowering.

The video and the poem will be available on our website and our networks, in the following languages: Spanish, Arabic, French, Greek, Hebrew, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

As we do not have Pressenza teams in all of these languages, the Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Russian versions will appear on Pressenza’s Youtube channel in Spanish.

We will see you then on Tuesday 8th March. Until then, a sororo hug.