We unite the threads of the historic struggle in a single script. Here we are the grandmothers, mothers, daughters and granddaughters of the patriarchy. We come together because we are the same voices that were never silent at different moments in history. To take care of ourselves and not to compete with each other: we are going to tell each other about all the violent mandates to which we are exposed. We are going to depatriarchalise and decolonise our bodies, borders, beds, houses, streets, schools, police stations, our workplaces, hospitals, fields, languages, among other spaces. For this date, I choose words that are part of my life, I give them a meaning and I invite you to exchange them together.

#8We march: to make ourselves visible, now that we can be seen.

#8Movilizamos: for our rights and to denaturalise what we were led to believe.

#8Menstruation: to tell girls that this internal conflict is not a shame.

#8Breasts: this part of our body is not an object to be objectified or decorated.

#8Menarche: the beginning of a great transformation process in girls’ bodies.

#8Menospause: renewal of energy and opportunities, the end of fertility and the beginning of a new stage in adult women.

#8Motherhood: by choice, not by obligation.

#8Matriarchy: don’t confuse us, the new world will be woven from reciprocal relationships.

#8Patriarchal women: it is part of a civilisation that subjugated us and derived customs, traditions and cultures.

#8Micromachismos: all those actions that naturalise violence against women.

#8Fear: of violence of all kinds exercised by the patriarchy.

#8Misogyny: aversion, contempt or hatred towards women.

#8Muertas: homage to those who have disappeared, been repressed, tortured and persecuted for defending us.

#8MassMedia: those who fabricate and intentionally construct facts that are not.

#8Looks: are a language of understanding.

#8Hands: those we give each other when we need each other.

#8Memory: the ancestral memory of those of us who feel that this is the moment to tell everything for those who came before us and for us.

#8Minorities: we were led to believe that we are the least, but it turned out that we are the majority to build this world.

#8Malabaristas: playing for life, for love, for tenderness, for affection, for the sweetness of our actions.

#8MultipleLoves: bonds of varying intensity, with different characteristics, all valid, diverse as life itself.

#8Magic: inspiration in our actions where a beloved purpose unfolds.

#8Misias: a race of ancient free Amazons who lived in Anatolia in the Bronze Age. Their race was a branch of Lydians. The Mysians, like the Lydians, were very inventive in their games.

#8Women: they are “the mothers who brought about the outbreak of harmony in the earthly garden”, according to Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig’s “Dictionary of Mistresses”, but they clarify that “among the Amazons there were no women identified as women, i.e., as a function, i.e., as mothers: they were Amazons, warriors, mistresses”.