Conscience continues to deny the reality of what is happening. This crime and the terrible mistake of the Russian power is a direct consequence of a series of previously calculated criminal actions of the West. The West dream of this scenario for so many years, despite the many hypocritical protests that sound from there today. The Ukrainian army resists and the West is ready to fight against Russia, to the last Ukrainian, and then to take control of a smouldering battlefield, all the way to Vladivostok, and thus establish in our barbaric countries, a democracy like today’s Libya.

It is very difficult, almost impossible, from the present horror, not to feel a righteous indignation and a shock that does not go away, to be able to make out a complete picture of everything beyond the battlefield, to be able to see there the satiated and satisfied facades of the puppeteers. We were all thrown into the past to take away the possibility of understanding the future that was prepared for us. This war did not start yesterday and it is waged by the system that rules the world everywhere, and simultaneously, against the whole of humanity and by all methods. This is the real “hybrid war”. It is not against countries and their governments, it is against humanity and its interests are exclusively economic, otherwise Swift would be switched off for the whole of Russia and not only for certain parts of its economy, which do not harm the interests of the West.

As always, in the fight for a just cause of the day, the West is willing to sacrifice the populations of entire countries, but not a penny of its potential economic profits. The current war between Russia and Ukraine promises to be an almost ideal business.

We were born into yesterday’s world and educated by yesterday’s books, films and stories, the logic of today’s globalised world is so different that sometimes the laws and reasoning we are used to in our consciousness do not work, it is like the time that runs in the Cosmos, which is different from that of the Earth.

Many will remember the metaphor about a little fish in an aquarium, unable to fully perceive a face on the other side of the glass. Trying to understand the meaning of today’s tragedy, I see us as little fishes running inside an aquarium on a table shaking from bombs: a Ukrainian nationalist ready to give his life for his land invaded by a foreign army, a Russian convinced that there was no other way out to defend his people from the obvious appetites and provocations of the West, a left activist with his dogmas and attempts to fight fascism and capitalism (and most importantly the world TV screen) who just ran out of arguments. All of them live in a time, where someone’s fingers, from time to time, pour the food, regulate the temperature and the chemical content of the aquarium water.

It is necessary to construct another view. For corporations and finance capital in today’s world, borders do not exist. Borders are only for the citizens who keep dying for their interests. Wars are an obligatory season of time in the capitalist economy, to pull the rich industrial countries out of cyclical crises, and perhaps this crisis is not cyclical but final. It is one of the few things that is already clear from this side of the aquarium glass. How can humanity get out of a bloody world spectacle? Perhaps first of all we should learn a massive, collective behaviour that is not logical for the system. To stop responding to the stimuli and emotions that are introduced to us from above and that make us so predictable.

This Russian war against Ukraine is criminal, as is the infinitely cowardly role of the West, which will seek maximum duration and maximum losses for all of us, with the aim of gaining final and complete control over the entire post-Soviet space. It is part of a very well-thought-out plan with all the details just like the engineering of the gas ovens of the concentration camps. Today only one thing is important: not to let us get on a train that is heading that way, a train common to all.