History is a hall of mirrors. The parties change places and roles and reflect each other with incredible precision, the grotesque distortion achieved by the curved mirrors of propaganda only highlighting that they are identical.

It is impossible to build a future with the materials of the past.

The notions of the homeland and the defence of national interests created in us by our culture and history correspond to another historical moment. The whole of humanity has been turned into our homeland by globalisation and all fears, lies, viruses and wars are already global. That is why the only possible sense of any struggle or war is to protect our last human territories from the corporations that in alliance with speculative financial capital continue to destroy the world.

Russia’s current war against the West on the territory of Ukraine and with the blood of Ukrainians is a huge distraction of the world from what is most important and whatever its outcome, humanity loses.

The war of yesterday against the day before yesterday is being waged as usual at the expense of the future. No to war.