There is no doubt that we are living in a world that surprises us day by day, however I can assure you that there are also people who don’t expect anything and nothing surprises them. Some say that this state is very interesting because they avoid expectations and reveries. It seems that this state could also be experienced as a lack of hope. And from there to the state of meaninglessness, it is only a step.

These states of “hopelessness” are observed in the Clinic, as very high (and not only high) levels of anguish and anxiety that prevent us from living and enjoying the present moment, leading us irremediably to the memory of a past full of frustrations and resentments and to a future full of insecurities, fears, etc.

It is necessary to recover hope. We need to give ourselves a chance. It is necessary to open up the future, otherwise we cannot, it is as simple as that, although it is certainly easier said than done… even so, it is necessary to move forward.

If we do so, if we dare, we can experience the path to the future as a gentle lightness, as a calm, winding walk… a danceable one.