Every war is a disaster and an anachronism. There is no because that justifies the destruction of human life.

By Javier Tolcachier

But war does not begin when the first bullets whistle, but long before.

War begins when astronomical sums are spent on war budgets instead of on health, housing, food and education for the people; War begins with the interests of arms corporations who place profit above human existence.

War begins when the possessors of nuclear weapons hold the world’s population hostage and refuse to denuclearise the planet once and for all.

War begins when military bases are maintained outside one’s own territory for decades, forcing other peoples to accept conditions of obedience.

War begins when nationalist slogans are adopted and differences between brotherly peoples are exacerbated.

All these elements are present in the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, whose government in this case is just a painted cardboard in a larger geopolitical game.

It is the struggle between the supremacism and historical belligerence of the United States and its extended arm NATO, which today represent the last phase of the Western colonial world and are trying by all possible means to stop the rise and partnership of the powers in the East, such as China, Russia and the security pact called the Shanghai Cooperation, which also includes four other Central Asian countries.

It must be said that the conflict in Ukraine is also being used to once again discipline and calumniate Europeans and prevent them from turning their gaze fully towards Asia, participating in China’s Belt and Road project, in the Asian Investment Bank and continuing to increase trade with Russia.

Nor should we forget the recent events in Belarus and Kazakhstan, which, although they constitute a legitimate expression of protest by the peoples against stagnant rulers, from a geopolitical point of view can be interpreted as meddling strategies to penetrate areas adjacent to Russia’s border and advance through the heart of Central Asia towards strategic positions.

Nor can economic interests, with which moral business trolls gloat.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, most governments called for dialogue and a peaceful solution, which is undoubtedly a path consistent with the Peace Zone Declaration achieved by the region at the CELAC Summit in 2014.

It is necessary to understand that we are heading towards a unique planetary civilisation, in which we will have to embrace a new utopia, the utopia corresponding to this period of History: that of building a Universal Human Nation, where different peoples and cultures fit, where only violence, discrimination or misery have no place.

We know when wars begin and why: only to maintain or conquer power, which cannot be justified.

That is why we also know when wars and invasions must end, not only this war but also all other wars: Right now.