The conflict situation in Ukraine, which affects a population already marked by years of suffering, has reached a breaking point and the risk of a war without winners and losers is becoming more tangible and real.

With every hour that passes, hopes of avoiding a full-scale conflict are diminishing and there is a sense that the involvement of the whole of Europe in this war is only a matter of time.

The urgency is to stop the war, but European governments are busy chorusing Atlantic (NATO) positions, worrying only about sanctions. They rightly condemn the entry of Russian armed forces into Ukraine, but they willfully forget to denounce NATO’s senseless expansionist policy which is at the heart of this conflict, whose battleground is Europe, but which is really between the United States and Russia.

The time has come for ordinary people, associations, progressive movements, the whole of European civil society to contribute to giving a very clear and unequivocal signal to their governments. It is the ordinary people who will really pay the price for this absurdity.

The time has come to put aside our differences, to hold hands and make our leaders understand, with one voice, that if they want to send us to war, they will be on their own.

We will not allow anyone to play Risk with our lives and those of our children.

The only way out of this nightmare is for Europe not to put a single euro, a single person or a single base into war actions. On the contrary, there is an urgent need to start a dialogue with all the actors involved to find a peaceful solution acceptable to all.

The time has come to return war to its only rightful place: prehistory.

Europe for Peace.

#Ukraine #EuropeForPeace