Time and time again, humanity witnesses expectantly a threatening bid for war between countries for territory, resources, power and so on.

The United States, in its eagerness to expand and consolidate its empire, in partnership with the countries that make up NATO, sends troops and weapons to Eastern Europe, beyond its own borders, thousands of kilometres away, fomenting conflicts and creating a belligerent situation, in this case, between Ukraine and Russia. Hiding the real interests.

Once again, we are immersed in a current of violence and conflict resolution through wars, weapons and deaths, as in a wheel destined to repeat and repeat without seeing the possibility of building a future in which this nuclear arms race as conflict resolution is eliminated, bringing the possibility of a more humane and non-violent world closer.

The Humanist Movement, of which the Humanist Party is a part, has been warning about these lying manipulations to promote war, and for this reason a “World March for Peace and Nonviolence” was held, the first of its kind in history, beginning in New Zealand and ending on the 2nd of January 2010 in Argentina, in the Andes Mountains, in Punta de Vacas, at the foot of Mount Aconcagua.

There they called for nuclear and conventional disarmament, the withdrawal of invading troops, the signing of non-aggression treaties between countries, the renunciation of war as a solution to conflicts and the repudiation of all forms of violence.

Many other demonstrations against war have taken place among the peoples, but the powers that be have not taken this clamour into account, they place interests above human losses and the barbarity of events that are entailed in the violent seizure of people’s subjectivity, in a system where economic power is the central value and human life is discarded, while juicy business deals are made under the slogan of freedom and safeguarding peace, as in the case of NATO, we can only say that this is a deceitful and fraudulent action in which a few stand as winners, while many are left prostrated in a macabre suffering without finding a way out and those promises of improving living conditions are turned into a bad dream from which we want to wake up, but we cannot see the way out.

From the International Humanist Party, whose methodology of action is active Nonviolence, we clearly see the wall that separates humanism from anti-humanism, we raise those demands promulgated in the World March for Peace and Nonviolence and we will not give up in this attempt, since we aspire to a multiple world, to a Universal Human Nation and therefore we declare human life as the highest value!