I love the way your presence comforts me

The grace of your being

The lightness of your touch.


I long to have you by my side

In the morning light

In the depths of the night.


I love the way you whisper

Words that inspire

Words that uplift.


I long for your steadfastness

It flows through thick or thin

It bridges the ups and downs.


The sun rises and sets

The seasons come and go

The days, they go by…


But this song of love and longing


Now and forever, it sings.

A Note from the Poet:

“I go deep into myself, and there we shall meet”– Silo.

The isolation enforced by the Covid-19 pandemic gives ample time to reflect and reminisce. In these alone and quiet times, going deep into myself, I feel the presence of loved ones no longer in this time and space, remember wondrous moments, feel the grace of their being they have shared with me. And, although at times, the loss of their presence strikes a discordant minor chord of longing, I am thankful and grateful for the times we have spent together. Realizing that I am not alone…these sayings from The Path in the Message of Silo resonate within,” Do not imagine that you are alone in your village, in your city, on earth, or among the infinite worlds”.