From 5 to 7 November, Mapuche Tehuelche communities met in El Bolsón, Río Negro, to discuss the various situations they are experiencing in their process of territorial recovery. Below is the communiqué they produced, including a statement of the conflicts they are going through and the decisions agreed upon.

Cuesta del Ternero, November 9/11/21

Trawning of Mapuche Tehuelche Communities and Social Organizations
November 5, 6 and 7

Mari Mari pu Machi, pu Lonko, pu Pillan Kushe, pu Kona, pu Lawentuchefe, pu peñi ka pu lamien. Pu Anay, pu Kompañ.

Applying our ancient ancestral practices, we gather in Futa Trawn different Lof del Puel Mapu. In this framework we recognise Lof Quemquemtrew. The return to the territory is dignified and necessary, and we legitimise this lof in all its cultural, philosophical, political and spiritual practices.

It is not the state that endorses or recognises pu peñi ka pu lamien. The Mapuche is Mapuche throughout the Wallmapu, and if a large part of our people still lives in the cities – in the peripheries, in overcrowded neighbourhoods – it is the consequence of the dispossession perpetrated by the Argentine State.

However, nothing can stop the awakening of our Kuifi Newen and Feyentun, the spiritual practice of our people. Only in the Mapu can the Mapuche live in dignity.

We are encouraged and strengthened by the knowledge that the Lof Quemquemtrew will bring Newen and contribute to re-establish the balance in this part of the territory – the Nor Mogen or the right life according to the Az Mapu – and that it will deepen the real connection with the Itrofillmogen, the forces that compose it.

In the Trawn we have also observed with regret the serious damage that the winka have caused to this Mapu with the monoculture of pine. This is extremely lethal for the land not only because it generates drought, but also because it becomes fuel when fires break out. Nevertheless, the businessmen intend to sustain this harmful practice that opens the door to privatisation and mega-mining.

There is no free, prior and informed consultation; there is no respect for the provincial integral indigenous law 2287/88 which, among other things, states that a community is a community when other communities recognise it. The judicial apparatus has chosen to deny indigenous law, from the Constitution and international conventions to the numerous provincial laws that this state is obliged to comply with.

For the same reason, we repudiate the way in which the Río Negro provincial state has resolved the conflict: militarising the area, repression, prosecution, imprisonment and media condemnation. This action also violates basic human rights such as shelter and food for the pu peñi ka pu lamien who remain in the territory and the rights of the child. Clearly the executive power, with the consent of the judiciary, appeals to physical and mental mistreatment, deploying security forces on Mapuche territory. This is not the way. To this day, grandchildren are still being found who were appropriated by the dictators who accused civil society of terrorism; today, in a democracy, the governor of Río Negro accuses the Mapuche Tehuelche people of terrorism. Has nothing been learned?

As a People we understand that the territorial conflict should be settled in the political sphere, and not in the judicial sphere, and much less in the framework of internal security. To continue to deny the fact that the Mapuche Tehuelche People is an important political actor reproduces denialism and its dangerous misconception.

History makes it clear that it is the state that always dispossesses, steals and kills. It is time for responsible solutions and real reparations to our people. No repressive measure will erode in the least our will to exist and to project ourselves as a free People. Every time we recover a territory we rise up as a society and improve the scenarios for future generations.

Likewise, in this Autonomous Parliament, we were able to listen to the conflicts that invade our lives throughout the length and breadth of Puel Mapu.

  • The lof Boquete Nahuelpán (Esquel, Chubut) is resisting the advance of the landfill. Open-air landfill. Presented by politicians as an innovative project in the treatment of rubbish. It did not last long. The crude reality shows that this marketing is poisoning the water, making our pu peñi ka pu lamien sick, spreading rubbish from 30 trucks a day coming from Esquel, Trevelin and Parque Los Alerces in the ancestral territory of the community. The animals (sheep, cows and mares), the backbone of the economy of this lof, die from the nylon bags clogging their stomachs.
  • The lof Cayunao, located in Alto Río Chubut (Río Negro), is besieged on the one hand by Kataries businessmen and on the other hand by the cooperative/company Coopetel. Judge Calcagno – the same judge who prevented food from entering the lof Quemquemtrew – has requested the eviction of the lof for the 15th of this month. The lof Cayunao ratified their decision to remain in their territory and to continue denouncing the process of dispossession in the Upper Chubut River. Pu lof and neighbours of the region who participated in the Trawn committed ourselves to accompany them in their determination.
  • The lof Francisco Monsalve (Puerto Patriada, El Hoyo, Chubut) denounced the arbitrariness and racism of the Directorate of Forestry. Without any authority whatsoever, this body has restricted the right to possession of the ancestral territory, which had already been surveyed in its entirety by national bodies. The same institution is questioned by the lof Ricardo Cárdenas Caucaman (Rincón de Lobos, El Hoyo, Chubut), who told how the Forestry Department intends to take over part of their territory, in which they have lived for more than 70 years.
  • The lof Catriman Colihueque (Laguna El Martillo, Futalaufquen, Chubut), through the story of its werken Gloria Colihueque, gave us the details of the criminal trial they are facing. We learned who the usurpers or supposed owners are: sons of privilege, linked to the justice system through the former prosecutor Eduardo Samamé and to economic power through the businessman Serra. The verdict will be given on 12 November. This Trawn unconditionally accompanies the lof Catriman Colihueque. We unanimously decided that a new dispossession will not be perpetrated.
  • The lof Pillan Mahuiza (Corcovado, Chubut), through their ancestral authorities, informed of the provincial government’s intention to take an aqueduct from the Corcovado River in the direction of the Chubut coast. They intend to consummate this project with trickery, deceit, false meetings and consultations. The Provincial Water Institute (IPA) is one of the main promoters of this terricide.
  • The lof Vuelta del Río (El Maiten, Chubut) reported that a member of their community is being prosecuted as a result of a complaint made by the Benetton Company. The company shamelessly accuses him of allowing their animals to “invade his” latifundia. This Trawn remains alert to any request from the community of Vuelta del Rio.

On Sunday, social organisations from different parts of the country came to the encampment. In the course of a large conversation, it was agreed that the destruction of the territory by capitalist power challenges us all. In this sense, it was decided to take responsibility for defending land, water and life. Each one from their own place, understanding that we have different forms, but the same objective and the same enemy.

These organisations were also witnesses to our main declaration of principles: Not to surrender even one centimetre of the recovered territory and to continue recovering territory.

Ichiñ kishulelaiñ. Taiñ cuifikecheiem trekaleingun feymu trepeley taiñ kuifike kimun
Uiñotuiñ taiñ Mapu peumanguen.

Lucinda Kuntupuray iem observes and accompanies us.
Rafa Nahuel is present in all the dignified struggles of our people.
Extractive companies out of Wall Mapu.

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Note: As of today 12/11 our Lamien Gloria Colihueque Catriman was acquitted of all charges against her and her uncle Gregorio Cayulef. One more lie that falls, an achievement of the support and accompaniment and kuifi rakizuam that emerged from so many communities, pu peñi and Lamien of Puel Mapu!!!

MARICIWEW MARICIWEW!!!! Cuesta del Ternero