This Sunday 21st, two men “of large size”, entered the territory of the lof Quemquemtrew in Cuesta del Ternero, Rio Negro. When asked by the community to explain their presence in the area, they reacted violently by firing their firearms, resulting in the death of one of the members of the lof, while another, seriously wounded, was later operated on in the hospital of El Bolsón. Spokespersons for the lof declared that they did not know “whether they were plainclothes police, parapolice or thugs from Rocco” (who claim ownership of the land). Mobilisations are planned for Monday in different parts of the country in repudiation of the events. The call for collectives in the city of Buenos Aires continues.

Mapuche Indian killed for defending his ancestral territory. The evictions and deaths begin, hours before the expiration of the law 26.160. The Native Peoples say to the State “The path is Historical Reparation. Not Violence and Hatred”.

In view of the events that took place on the 21st of November, in the territory of the Lof Quemquemtrew of the Mapuche People in cuesta del Ternero in the place called La Tapera de los Álamos in the south of the province of Río Negro, besieged for more than 50 days by the provincial security forces of Río Negro, we denounce the murder of a Mapuche community member.

The indigenous organisations that are carrying out the camp in Plaza de Congreso say STOP REPRESSION, VIOLENCE AND HATE.

We want to repudiate the actions of the Provincial Government, the Judiciary of Río Negro and the security forces who, faced with the lifting of the humanitarian encampment that was being carried out in Lof Quemquemtrew, have left the members of the Lof without any guarantee of legal security, as a result of this situation, a young community member has been killed while another young man is fighting for his life in the Hospital of El Bolsón. This violent repression adds to the list of DEATHS OF THE MEMBERS OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, A HOURS AHEAD OF THE EXPIRATION OF THE EXTENSION OF LAW 26160.

We urgently call for a rally this Monday 22nd November at 9am at the camp of the Indigenous Peoples in the Plaza del Congreso with an open radio from 10am, to all social, cultural and political sectors that want to express their views on this situation. We call for an Intercultural Dialogue that will lead us to overcome ourselves as a diverse and plural society.


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