A grim specter has been haunting the four corners of the world.
North, South, East, West,
An unseen virus, like a whirlwind
Has wreaked havoc on the lives of all and sundry.


Lives and livelihoods are all affected
A new normal is established.
No hugs and kisses, stay huddled at home
Stay away from each other.
Work at home if you still have a job
Wear masks and shields for fear of infection.


A scenario we all know so well
For days and months, almost two years gone by.


The four greatest fears
Sickness, poverty, loneliness, death
Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Has reared their heads, galloping here and there,
Striking heads and hearts.


More people getting sick, stricken by the virus
More people, dying than before.
More lonely people, estranged
More existing jobs disappearing,
As the ‘economy’ is crumbling.


The world has gone crazy, shout the angry ones.
It’s all one big conspiracy to keep us shackled, controlled,
Masked from one another, hardly able to breathe and feel free.
While the more docile ones comply,
Hope this new normal is just a glitch
And yearn longingly for the return of the good old times.


But were the “good old times” really that good?


The world has gone crazy
The good old times are gone.
The new normal doesn’t feel normal at all.
The old times no longer satisfy.


What lies ahead?


In spite of it all
This crazy world
Can become crazy-beautiful
For all human beings to live in.


Amidst the turmoil and crisis,
A crazy beautiful spirit is awakening in the hearts of many–
Bearer of hopes
Moving images of a more human future
With faith that the human species
Who, through the twists and turns of its history,
Is able and capable of overcoming obstacles
And transforming life on this blue planet we call home.