On the day of 2 October, two activities took place. In the morning, in the Town Hall Square, messengers of Silo’s Message, humanists, representatives of organisations and associations, friends, etc. came together for two hours in a simple but moving and heartfelt act, in which the associations, organisations and people taking part gave testimonies about their denunciations of violent situations; a Manifesto for Nonviolence was read and ended with a public Appeal around the symbol of Nonviolence that had been drawn on the ground.

In the afternoon, in the Silo Message room, the Medita Valencia Campaign was presented, “inspired by those carried out by friends in other cities around the world. With enthusiasm we launch this Campaign from Silo’s Message, which aims to radiate and spread our Message through various activities already planned and others to be planned, which we will carry out over time. They are another attempt to find ways, in a clear, simple and true way, to reach the hearts of the people, in the neighbourhood, in the city or wherever we can… The whole day went smoothly and with the record that we continue in the attempt to open our Message to our environment and that it can ‘touch the hearts in need of meaning, affection and hope'”.

“We also received the support of friends from Lisboa Medita, from León, and friends of Silo’s Message from Argentina… for which we are deeply grateful”, declared some of the promoters of the campaign.

The day ended with a Wellness Ceremony.

During the 3rd and 4th of October, a banner with the text: “Nonviolence is the strength that will bring us peace” presided over the balcony of the Valencia City Hall on the 3rd and 4th of October: Nonviolence is the force that will transform the world.