Actions in Chile during the second week of the Latin American March

On the 22nd of September, in Villarrica, in the region of Los Rios, the marchers delighted us with a joyful Pasacalle with the Lenfu Cruisers.

On the 23rd, … the march goes on! Nonviolent operation re-signifying the Plaza de Alma in Temuco, Araucania region.

Performance and Cabildo in San Gregorio de Ñinquen, Ñinquen, Ñuble region, intervention carried out with the friends of the Colectivo LA KUNETA, Neighbours of San Gregorio, San Fabian and Ñinquen.

On the 26th we participated in the activities in the Park of Study and Reflection El Remanso located in Santa Rosa Sagrada Familia Curicó Chile.

We celebrated the Spring Season, the arrival of the Latin American March for Nonviolence, the International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, and the women’s assembly of ANAMURI (National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women), among others. We shared with friends and held ceremonies in the Hall under construction.

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