Next Wednesday 27th October at 1pm in Ecuador and as part of the activities of Nonviolent October, Pressenza will present the recently published book “Nonviolent Journalism: towards a humanising approach to communication”.

The publication, written by a team of five members of the agency, seeks to systematise the joint experience of thirteen years of sustained activity, gathering the foundations, principles and tools that support the work done so far. On the other hand, it develops concrete suggestions for applying the approach to various journalistic formats, so that the text is useful in the training of new journalists and constitutes a contribution to the work of communicators who, day by day and for decades, have chosen to propose other possible ways of contributing to the construction of a just and humane world, from the place of communication.

A few days ago, during the World Congress for Peace held in Barcelona, the book was presented for the first time. We thus began a journey to put this text in multiple spaces and hands, hoping to contribute from our search and experience.

The presentation on Wednesday 27th will be broadcast by @Pressenza on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you