Yesterday 18 different books with the thoughts of Silo and various contemporary humanist authors were donated to the library of nonviolence of the Chilean Constitutional Convention, so that their ideas can be consulted and inspire the drafting of the texts that will mark the new direction of the country.

On behalf of the Aletheia Centre for Humanist Studies, some of its most renowned members, such as the leader of the Teachers’ College Mario Aguilar and the actress Paulina Hunt, were received by the President of the Convention, Elisa Loncón, and the Vice-President Jaime Bassa.

The humanists took the opportunity to make explicit the permanent and sustained support that the Convention receives from the collectives of teachers, artists, residents, students, workers, neighbours, that is, from the entire population that emerged as a result of the social awakening and that had been invisibilised for decades, without any consideration from the elites or the media.

The members of the Convention thanked for the support given and held an open, frank and equal dialogue, in a warm and close meeting in which hopes were shared.