The Community for Human Development – Peru, a humanist organisation of a social and cultural nature, in the face of the current context of division and social disintegration, calls upon and invites the progressive forces of our country to rebuild dialogue, relations and brotherhood among all Peruvians. We call on ethnic groups, peoples and regions to join this national campaign of reconciliation.

Today, more than ever, the need to rebuild the social fabric, which has been deeply damaged, deteriorated and non-existent in many parts of our territory and progressively replaced by the false self-affirmation of individualism, is evident; this collective denial of the importance of the social fabric as a support for the common good – the good of all and for all – is the greatest mistake we have made as a society. We have believed that individualism, isolation and the for-itself were better than the collective, the communal or the we. Surely, in that choice we have allowed ourselves to be seduced or dazzled by the “siren songs” of the system, of its consumerism, of its exitism, of its materiality. But the current conditions of successive crises are making us look deeper and reflect more clearly on our common future. We will not come out of these successive crises and those to come unless we change our mentality and the way society is organised today.

Therefore, to begin this change, we propose the social positioning of organisations and individuals in the face of current social conditions marked by values and social practices of division, discrimination, violence and mistreatment. In order to do so, it will be necessary to take an active stance of change and conscious modification of our environment and ourselves, placing ourselves clearly and fearlessly in the reconstruction of the social fabric, dialogue, tolerance and reconciliation.

We therefore invite all those who still have hope in their hearts and the possibility of living in a dignified and more humane future to join this campaign, clearly adhering to the construction of a New Culture, the basis of all social construction. This new culture will definitely be one of peace and non-violence, in accordance with the best human aspirations and the future world of well-being deeply desired by all. And it will be based on the construction of the social pillars, not only of individual well-being but of common well-being for all; understanding that the well-being of some or of some is ultimately the well-being of no one.

We will begin by forming a minimum network of interrelation and coordination between those of us who agree. To this end we will adhere to the present document which sets the direction of our best intentions.

UNITY OF THE PERUVIAN PEOPLE: Campaign for Dialogue, Tolerance and Reconciliation

Dear Peruvian friends and sisters and brothers, today more than ever we need to unite in a joint and common project to solve the problems that affect us and that hinder our development as a society. Extremism, no matter where it comes from, is not a viable way to solve our conflicts and social problems. Neither is the exacerbation of violence and discrimination. Dividing us in any way will only allow suffering and increasing violence to continue. We need the more progressive forces in our society to “take matters into their own hands” at this present time.

We are an ancient and peaceful society with many natural and human riches. We have been building since ancient times a feeling in which other peoples feel welcomed and in brotherhood. Let us not allow some voices dissonant with the best that nestles in our hearts to take over the destiny of our homeland.

Let’s praise the values of good treatment, friendship, family, good living, and the human being as the most important thing. And let them guide us in this social construction. Understanding that “The well-being of a few is the well-being of no one”. And that there is no future of well-being if we leave our brothers aside.

We are the country of all bloods and that is our legacy and emblem; and it always will be. It is in our social DNA. This path will open the future wide open for us and make us, in the global concert of nations, an example of society for other peoples to follow.

We invite all progressive organisations and citizens to take a stand in the current situation in favour of unity and the construction of dialogue, tolerance and reconciliation, the pillars of a new, more humane and supportive culture.

Let’s promote this campaign of adhesions to form a luminous and lucid fabric.

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