Poverty and ignorance must end
and the Violence
that perpetuates them.


I write to change the world.


I write to live my life twice.


I don’t write for money.
This is my power.


I write to express my love.


Women as mothers
are harbingers of destiny.


People are afraid to love.
But there are always
a few reckless ones.


A poet by definition is brave. .


By ‘poet’ I mean
a child of life
not a writer of verses.


He didn’t have the guts
to be truly poetic.


I dream of an extraordinary world
peopled by extraordinary beings
linked by extraordinary bonds.
Instead of this.


Why was I born?
¿ To find out why.
Live life to the full
but lightly


My country is my Beloved.


Flowers don’t cry when pedestrians
trample them
Be what you are. Don’t ask why.


I live in the palm of God’s hand. .


My life is ridiculous.


People who look too perfect
must be given the benefit
of the doubt.


I write because my life depends on it.


The human being is innocent
The human being must be
defended from society.