In the framework of the 3rd National Meeting of Women in Politics of the Humanist Party, around 60 women militants and from social and territorial organisations gathered in the Park of Study and Reflection El Remanso, located in Sagrada Familia, to exchange and articulate among women from all over the country, in view of the upcoming elections.

In this context and through a video, the participants called on the Senate to approve the General Pardon law, to free the political prisoners of the popular revolt of 18 October 2019.

The spokesperson and candidate for deputy for the 23rd district, Andrea Quijón, argued that the prisoners of the revolt were the initiators of the current constituent process. “They were the pioneers, they were the ones who guided us in this process that today is leading to great changes in our country,” said Quijón.

For her part, Yenifer Carrasco, also spokesperson for the Humanist Feminist Coordinating Committee, activist for the rights of people with functional diversity and candidate in the upcoming elections, added that “we resist alongside our comrades who have had to endure the repression and political imprisonment of political prisoners, understanding that mothers, wives, grandmothers and daughters have borne the brunt of all that the political imprisonment of their relatives means”.

Finally, Catalina Valenzuela, president of the Humanist Party, called directly on the Senate, demanding the approval of the General Pardon Law. “The immediate release is necessary, the state has to take charge of this prison, which is obviously political. The Senate has to do its job and show a bit of justice and humanity and carry out the corresponding vote. Humanists are attentive and we will do everything possible to make this happen”, declared the humanist leader.