Social networks have become a very necessary tool in our daily coexistence, I think that for most people there is no doubt about it.

By Hugo Rodriguez Ghiara

Little by little they have entered our lives as a simple way to communicate, group together, organise ourselves… spread our ideas, make our criticisms and expose ourselves socially to others, who we are, what we do, what we like, what we don’t…, etc.

This invention copies and amplifies the way in which people socialise, it is clear that for the companies that created it, it was a real gold mine for their business and marketing strategies, and the facts prove it.

Over time, the only limitation in its development has been our own information saturation and exposure, I think we have all experienced that at one time or another.

This saturation and the excessive increase in entertainment and marketing makes us foresee that its cycle may turn and that people may begin to migrate to other forms or simply abandon them.

Who hasn’t heard things like, I’m going to delete myself from Facebook because I’m fed up, or… I’ve silenced WhatsApp because I can’t stand so many calls… in short, things that go with the accelerated and violent times we live in.

And here we are, proposing a humanist social network.

We could have called it… a network of humanist attitudes, a network for good thoughts or good deeds, a network for good people… in short, it is about what we aspire to and what we want to learn, the only sure thing is that the meeting of these sensibilities or attitudes is good for the participants and as a whole can be very good for the needs of the world.

At this point it would be good to underline that we aspire to…

  • A network open to all people who identify with the values we express.
  • A network without economic aims, without fees and without advertising.
  • A network that is built organically, i.e., a friend who invites another friend because he/she thinks that he/she can add to this common project.
  • An elastic network where there can very well be a scientific article as well as a photo of a family meeting or a happy moment.
  • A network of trust where censorship and self-censorship recede for the experience of an attentive and humanising gaze.
  • A network to participate without fear of making a fool of oneself, because here we all know how to accept the opinion of others even if it does not coincide with what we believe in.
  • In short, a network for people, diverse, plural and non-violent.
  • A network to build and continue building because it will be what the users decide at any given moment.

Finally, as this has just begun, this network has all the resources for any participant to give their opinion, publish or link what is significant for this purpose. Welcome to all of you to this new attempt in this new time we live in.