On July 18, the First Latin American Multiethnic and Pluricultural March for Nonviolence was presented virtually. It was an initial presentation that marked the starting point of multiple activities prior to the date on which the march will take place, that is, from September 15 to October 2.

This activity was led by representatives from different Latin American countries, who explained the objectives of this March, its postulates, confirmed initiatives and future prospects, and invited people to participate and join in.

In addition, a promotional video announcing the launching of the March was presented and short videos were shown about the activities already developed and individual and collective signatures in support of the March.


The date was chosen as a tribute to Nelson Mandela, on another anniversary of his birth.

The Latin American Multiethnic and Pluricultural March for Nonviolence, which be carriet out both virtually and in person, already has the support of organizations and individuals from Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Suriname, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. We are expecting more countries and organizations to join in Costa Rica on October 2, where they will converge in a Forum called “Towards a Nonviolent Future for Latin America”. We make a call to get in contact through the registration form located on the website of the March: https://theworldmarch. org/participate-in-the-latin-american-march/

“The union of millions of human beings of different languages, races, beliefs and cultures is necessary to ignite human consciousness with the light of Nonviolence”, proclaims its manifesto, which was read as part of the activity.


Translated by David Meléndez Tormen