Cuba today reaffirmed its commitment to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation as it addressed a virtual session of the United Nations (UN) in Vienna.

We require the maintenance of a balanced approach between the three main programmes of the verification regime: the international monitoring system, the international data centre and on-site inspection, said the third secretary of the Caribbean nation’s mission to UN bodies here, Marlen Redondo.

Speaking at the 57th working group of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, Redondo urged to take into account in the budgets for next year and 2023 the training and delivery of resources to signatory countries, especially developing ones.

He also expressed concern about the limitations on several states to participate in virtual rounds on substantive issues.

We reaffirm the need for continued cooperation and support, including the provision of technical assistance to ensure that all members have the capacity to participate effectively in the Treaty’s verification regime, he said.

In this regard, he remarked, we appreciate the support provided by the Secretariat for the establishment of the National Data Centre in Cuba.

He also drew attention to the difficulties faced in the establishment of the institution as a result of the US blockade and the restrictions on the import of equipment resulting from the implementation of that policy.