The public presentation of the book “Muros que Hablan” by Riccardo Marinai and David Meléndez, published by Virtual Ediciones for Pressenza, took place today in the extraordinary bookshop of the Comuna de Cerrillos “Las Vocales de Rimbaud” by Octavio Rivano. The event was attended by the Mayor of Cerrillos, Lorena Facuse, three of the Councillors of the Municipality, as well as other local personalities who promote culture and resonate with the social awakening that has taken place in Chile since 18 October 2019 and that to this day has its undoubted implications.

“This social awakening means an enormous hope for us, which is well reflected in these pages”, said Octavio Rivano as he toured the premises of this very special bookshop, where it is possible to find any title you want to hold in your hands.

The photo-report gives an account of the atmosphere created this afternoon. The photos are by Iris Colil Barra