(On the occasion of the World Environment Day)





by Genevieve Balance Kupang


Invigorated from a deep, sound slumber, a

Sea of clouds greets refreshed eyes.

How Magnificent! The Soul is overwhelmed by

boundless artistry and phenomenal creativity.


Ecstasy and joy are felt as words elude the soul.

Bow to the Chief Artist who created this grandeur.

Ode to paradise, chants offered to the Sacred

Awe gushes from my core as beauty captivates.




Worship, venerate, praise, and glorify Kabunian

The Gracious Creator who endowed us with the Land

Scenic view enthralls the soul, enchanting, alluring

Thank you, Apo Kabunian for arable Iyaman Farm.

About the writer:

Genevieve Balance Kupang (Genie) is an anthropologist, consultant, researcher, and advisor to individuals and organizations engaged in working for good governance, genuine leadership, justice, integrity of creation, peace, the indigenous peoples, preservation of cultures, and societal transformation processes. She is a peace educator, author, an interreligious dialogue practitioner, and resource person with a career in the academe and NGO.