Humanity faces huge challenges to its survival – climate change, development of a sustainable post-capitalism development, militarism and nuclear weapons abolition, poverty eradication, democratising democracy etc.

By Jan Oberg – PhD, director & co-founder

Therefore, the world must protest now at the prospect of a new unilaterally driven anti-China campaign orchestrated by the declining United States and NATO members.

No matter what you may think or know about China, there are other responsible ways in contrast to confrontation, demonisation and armament.

It is not acceptable to waste human resources, money, energy and time on such a – mad – project when both countries and the rest of the world mustcooperate about saving our future. In addition, it will be utterly self-destructive for the West.

Hundreds of millions have learned about TFF’s Xinjiang report on the deficient, biased documentation of said genocide in Xinjiang. It’s part of an already-planned Cold War on China.

Such a Cold War will influence humanity’s future more than any other conflict and undermine every necessary action for the common good. It must STOP!

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