Dear Mario; Antonio informed me that you have departed from this world, now we live in different spheres, but I feel that our spiritual and moral contact, our friendship and sympathy do not disappear and can never disappear. You and us your friends continue to do your project in different ways: you in other spaces and we on earth work to humanize life and free humans from all evil and suffering.

By Dr. Boris Koval

I think only after the death of a man can people appreciate the real meaning of this man’s life. Because during normal life of everyday work day by day and hour by hour it is almost impossible to appreciate the magnitude of other s’ work. Now when I think about you about your life and your work, I understand better and deeper what an exceptional figure you are, not just for me but for many.

I would like to express to you because I love you and because I invade a deep feeling of gratitude to fate, for having had the happiness of having contact with you. Before, it was impossible to explain my love and appreciation because you are a very modest person and do not expect recognition. My words are not an analysis but a sincere testimony of the importance and significance of your life to me

Dear Mario, let me say something about your character as a human being. You are a very normal person, very modest, very vital, sympathetic, sincere, very living; your spiritual energy and moral sincerity are yet so extraordinary that I would like to talk about you as a charismatic person. Charisma is a phenomenon, symbolic and moral, and it’s difficult to explain its structure. But charismatic men like you have the extraordinary ability to create and organize something new in life, something that didn’t exist before.

Let me say something about your exceptional qualities, which as a whole set up your charisma. You are a philosopher, thinker, psychologist, a knowledgeable of science. A person with a brilliant intellect and also an open and warm heart. Her contribution to philosophy I understand her as a superior and original form of all contemporary existential philosophy especially in the sphere of humanistic anthropological philosophy. Your new ideas, methods, definitions, scientific terms and style of thinking and writing are exceptional and now we can hardly find another figure of such magnitude

You continue the line of Protagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Erasmus and other brilliant thinkers but in today’s situation. You don’t repeat the ideas of these figures but you produce a new philosophy that I can characterize as the science of human life; the new humanism.

Dear Mario, you are not only an abstract philosopher but practical and also a psychologist. Psychologist of evolution, future and overcoming human consciousness. The combination of philosophy and psychology gives the possibility of organizing a new practice, a new position, a chance to live in a new way in the moral spiritual sense, political, family, social, cultural and others

Thanks to your activity and energy in the world arises and continues to live and function the humanist movement as an organic social force, while their ideas expressed in the new humanism receive more and more popularity and appreciation in different countries, for example in my country, Russia.

All the people, all the Russians who had personal contact with you or knew your jobs think and feel in a new way current events, current life.

In this context my dear friend I consider you as my teacher, as a person I love and would like to understand very deeply and want to declare that your influence on my heart and in my head is bigger and more organic than all the works of the Marxist theorists I studied for many years of my life.

You to me are a guide and a source of inspiration and I feel a deep appreciation for all of this.

That’s why my dear friend it’s not very important that we live in different worlds because together we continue our struggles and works for the highest values of humanism.

Today’s situation is difficult, there are many new problems and it is not easy to understand the meaning of these problems and seek the alternative, so I am always consulting with you on current aspects and I find ideas to respond to these problems and it is very interesting and fruitful for me to permanently discuss with you the new aspects of today’s life. Without his teaching I really don’t have other supports today.

All Russian friends send our greetings to you. His image and teaching are for us main factors of our life.

See you soon

DR. BORIS KOVAL, Doctor of History. Former director of the Institute of Politology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Former director of Latin American Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Director of the Center for Comparative Civilizatory Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Specialist in Latin America. Author of numerous books, including: ′′ Poverty in Latin America: Analysis, Proposals and Perspectives “, ′′ The meaning of life, discussions and reflections “. Founding member of the Center for Humanist Studies in Moscow. Vice-President of International Humanist for years. Live in Moscow, Russia.*