Yesterday while I was sleeping in the dark

Many voices stalked my tranquility

And the fire inside me

burned my hope


Screams of hatred erased my memory

Among the shadows of monsters he drew me

I ran, but my bare feet,

Static, have not moved


I clung to your abode

But tsunamis of fear

they cornered me,

they whispered to me,

they invaded me,

they tarnished me


How to get out of this hell?

How to erase the tremor that expropriates me?

How to recover the joy that overwhelms me?

When the meaning of living was not absent

Never so present, but always latent


The absence keeps me in mind

but from far away,

I live life

but I don’t feel it

Time seems absent

but is moving forward


Today as I feel the absence of my life

I turned on the love of illusion

I lit the wick of my spirit

I listened to my most beautiful intuition


I picked up my wounds soaked in blood

I wiped my muddy eyes

I caressed the temple that supports my uterus

I healed the tree that anchors my roots and ancestry

I healed the tree that anchors my roots and my ancestry

I put away the sheets that draw my story

I saved my most beautiful memories

and I walked without looking back

Looking at the horizon,

between the blue sky that embraces me,

and the sun that exalts me,

I see the time passing through the events that animate my city


Beautiful are the streets where I rejoiced

Beautiful are the bells ringing in the distance

Exquisite smells invade my senses

The hearts of those who love me stand out

and they fly to embed themselves in my bones


Today I want to return to the meaning of my life

Today I want to descend the mountains

Recover my absence,

but let the time float,

so that we can interrupt the absence,

that invades me today

not to appropriate it,

but to heal and reinvent myself, yes!

Translation by Lulith V.,  from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!