Growing slowly, but steadily, the Multiconvergence of Global Networks continues to build bridges and promote common actions. Continuing our engagement at the World Social Forum in January, we are now planning a new meeting on March 27 to advance the construction of a Parliament of Planetary Citizenship.

Some members of its networks have been consistent actors in the WSF during its 20 years, however this was the first time that the Multiconvergence participated as a collective, organizing two events: one on the Pact of Coexistence and second one on the Parliament of Planetary Citizenship. Its organizers evaluated both activities with enthusiasm (as stated in Presenza before):

“We understand the World Social Forum as a valuable initiative, which resurfaces and renews itself because it is an important and necessary space. We wanted to be there to make our contribution with great humility but also with a strong conviction. And we are happy to have participated because it allowed us to strengthen previous connections and initiate contact with other initiatives and global networks. That strengthens us and opens new perspectives to our action.”

And they add:

“We emerged less than a year ago, in 2020, with a small core of 3 people. We articulated ourselves and held 8 international meetings, creating as we went along a methodology of exchange and relationship. We were learning and correcting, reflecting at every step, with a growing affection and a lot of respect. We submitted a Pact of Conviviality and a Proposal for a Planetary Citizenship Parliament for discussion by the whole group and today we have a solid animation team in which 8 of our 13 networks are represented. The year 2021 finds us strengthened to open a new stage of work that will improve”.

Next steps

The MRG invites you to a new challenge that will take place on March 27th (11 a.m. Brazil time): to hold the first meeting to configure the Planetary Citizenship Parliament.

“It will be just the first of a long series of experiments that we will have to carry out.”

Each member network of the collective will appoint two people (one man and one woman) to represent them in the discussion.

“So far, much of the momentum for the MRG has been provided by our animation team, but to move forward we need strong participation from our networks. In this next meeting, we hope that our representatives will take the initiative, review the already discussed proposal of the Parliament with its two chambers (the Council of Wisdom of the Peoples of the Earth and the People’s Assembly) and make the necessary adjustments to put it into action. Now, we need to agree on the basic mechanisms and initiate action, because we already agree on the basic ideas. Then, of course, based on our common experience, we will make the necessary corrections.

If all goes well, in May we will continue with a first meeting of the Chamber of Wisdoms to define operational issues and to convene the meeting of the Assembly of Peoples in the second half of the year, to start discussing the first issues of interest.

The March 27th meeting will be organized by the URI (United Religions Initiative), and will have simultaneous translation into 4 languages. In a few days the organizers will share the link (Zoom platform).

They will also anticipate details of the development of the meeting.

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