What can help in these uncertain times, when everything around us seems to waver, half-truths mix with apparent lies, structures decay, boundaries blur? What can and should one still believe? The answer is certainly not to be found outside, but can only come from within… And there are many little aids to finding the right approach. Poems are one of them.

Poetry can open doors to places that otherwise remain closed in the noise of everyday life. If you give yourself to it, it is able to create new ideas and thoughts on a level that defies logic and yet leads directly to the heart of our own soul.

May the following poem be a small guide to dare what can be the greatest adventure of life: To find oneself.


By Diego Guardiani

Let’s become beginners once again

Let’s shift to the starting point

We’ll see people and things with new eyes

Our dark eyes will shine with a new different light

Don’t be afraid of the process

Slip back into consciousness

Let go of heavy structures in your mind:

The construct you’ve been building for years with such a fatigue…

Then at one point the burden will fall from itself!

You may be a beginner again

You’ll have lost your fears

You’ll see again the abundance of endless possibilities that life offers, that you deserve…

It was always there!

Poem by Diego Guardiani

Introduction text by Evelyn Rottengatter

Image from pxhere.com / CC0