Administrative court Frankfurt / Oder ensures that forest is not felled for the time being

In an urgent decision, the Frankfurt / Oder Administrative Court stopped the clearing of further areas for the Tesla factory on December 7, 2020. The Brandenburg state associations of the Green League and Nabu had submitted an urgent application against the approval of a further clearing of 82.8 hectares of forest.

The Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei (ÖDP) welcomes this quick decision by the court. “That is good and important news,” said the ÖDP federal chairman Christian Rechholz. With the help of the extensive financial contribution of the ÖDP, the Grüne Liga Brandenburg e.V. as a co-plaintiff together with the Naturschutzbund Brandenburg e.V. (“Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union”) or NABU put a first warning sign.

“Here it pays off again that the ÖDP can act completely free of corporate interests because it does not accept corporate donations,” said Christian Rechholz, the party’s national chairman. “We welcome this step by the two environmental associations. With this procedure it becomes very clear that independent, critical nature conservation associations are needed that are consistently committed to nature conservation, even if it hurts.”

The administrative court shows with the latest decision that it will deal with the questions raised, such as the killing of strictly protected species. That was different with the clearing in February 2020. “That was the first important step, we are staying on the ball,” said the ÖDP federal chairman.