In the modern world, we no longer even notice that our entire life consists only of dependencies.

It starts right after birth. The toddler should go to kindergarten as soon as possible. What should be learned there: to be assertive, to adapt to others, to make his or her own decisions. So this is where the dilemma begins. Instead of growing up in love and care, one has to learn to assert oneself. Competitive thinking is already being shaped here, and this should continue throughout life.

In school too, the aim should be to work your way up to be the best. Grades are awarded that do nothing other than encouraging competitive thinking. You can’t even learn what you can enjoy at school. This is where the external pressure begins, which shapes almost everyone’s life today.

Then the word “competition” appears more and more often. It means nothing more than struggle, which in companies extends to the simplest of employees. In the competition, only one person can fall by the wayside. What reckless economic thinking is evident here. In this way of thinking, meaningful cooperation or care has found no place. Almost all wars were fought out of this competitive struggle. Every country wants to be better than the neighboring country. This is precisely where the Federal Republic of Germany stands out: it has ruthlessly put the neighboring countries under pressure. We have to learn to understand that only a life in cooperation can manage to form and discover a life in freedom and in cooperation with nature again a “homo sapiens”.

Another unfortunate word is “economic growth”. Behind it, there is a great arrogance towards nature and the earth. A ruthlessness that must be dealt with as quickly as possible if people should still have a chance to survive. Not even the increasing number of natural disasters prompt those responsible to make restrictions.

Furthermore, the word “job creation” belongs in the garbage can. There is definitely always enough work. What nonsense, like people are addicted to work. What is hidden behind it is that it is all about money. If there was even a little social thinking, each one should do the work they can do in the community spirit.

Today these people are forced into a strong dependency. Here, too, there are few who exercise their power in such a way as to degrade the dependents to good subjects. Certainly, there are always a few lazy people who refuse to do any kind of work, but this has always existed. Can this psychological damage that is caused here still be corrected? The current generation is growing up with a fear of everything and, because of the Coronavirus, even of life.

How much joy in life, in one’s own work is lost because one has squeezed into such a corset. All of these restrictions on freedom are man-made and can therefore also be corrected. How much suffering is a result of human incompetence alone? Where are such discussions? When do we understand that humans can only survive in harmony with nature? The indigenous people were still able to do that. All efforts must be made to protect the climate.

Where are the great minds, this is not to be expected from the rulers, they are doing too well. But today this thinking makes all others unfree. Freedom is more and more restricted. The chance to take up a profession of one’s own choosing is dwindling more and more because of the precarious economic situation, and this is sometimes even deliberately promoted. If parents are also poor, their children must be happy if they are allowed to work at all. To this end, the state then wants to create jobs. Again self-determination and more importantly self-realization are suppressed.

Today’s monetary system is really made for such oppression. And all of this is determined by people who grew up under this pressure and this attitude. They are also no longer able to recognize this inability.

We no longer live in the Stone Age, we have all the technical means at our disposal to create a solid livelihood for everyone. Unfortunately, the target is already overshot again. One would like to be able to control everyone at all times with artificial intelligence. Let us hope that the even greater lack of freedom can be recognized early and averted.

It is to be hoped that the majority of people can even notice this dependency and lack of freedom. It is not recognized because they have learned nothing else in their lives and have only lived under this submission. Why are the great minds so calm, have they given up hope? You have a hard time of course against the mainstream media, all of which are under financial pressure from the “oligarchs”.

Translation by Lulith V.,  from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!