The 13 global networks that currently make up a process of Multiconvergence – in which they commit to get to know and support each other and, take action together – are preparing at this time to finalize an OPEN LETTER to the UN Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Guterres. After their discussion, approval, and signature, which is intended to take place in early 2021, the Open Letter and a dossier of documents presenting the Networks in the process of Multiconvergence will be sent to the UN SG.

This letter proposes that the UN:

  1. begin now a process of building a Planetary Citizenship Assembly as part of the UN centennial in 2045, recognizing the right of citizens to participate with their voice and vote in the political dynamics of the UN, and recognizing the Earth as a subject of rights;
  2. actively engage the dozens of Global Networks existing today in the world in critical dialogue and collaboration with UN agencies (Economic and Social Council, Human Rights Council, UNESCO, UNCTAD, WHO, UNDP and UNEP) in the Decade of Action on ODS – Sustainable Development Goals (2020-2030);
  3. hold a global meeting of regional parliaments, with citizen participation, at the end of 2022, to lay the foundations for a debate on the democratic governance of global public common goods; and,
  4. establish a working group between the General Secretariat and representatives of the Global Citizenship Networks to develop strategies and methods for achieving the above objectives, adopting as reference the indicators of the Global Compact, the Earth Charter, as well as those of countries that have adopted Good-Living and Happiness indicators in managing their development.

Preparing to contribute to such an innovative process, the 13 networks engaged in building Multiconvergence are considering starting the construction of a Planetary Citizenship Parliament on an experimental basis. This challenging joint action aims to raise important questions so that the idea of moving towards global-civic governance is effectively implemented. In a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-gender dynamic, we will practice Multiconvergence, seeking innovative ways to build legitimacy of representation of Humanity. We will reject repeating the current political dynamic that is captured by big capital and does not serve the needs of the impoverished and the excluded. We will find ways to build a process of governance that is effectively inclusive and centered on life on the planet, in partnership with Nature, of which we are part, and not against it.

In this experimental process, we will seek to overcome the political model of capitalism and patriarchy that is based on competition, bringing cooperation as a model; to overcome the politics in which the strongest crush others, bringing non-hierarchy and partnership as models; to overcome the short-term political vision, nurturing respect for the new generations as a model… Finally, Multiconvergence will promote dialogue in its upcoming meetings on how to contribute to make its own proposals to the UN effective, in a dynamic of learning from collaboration among different people. We know that failures will be inevitable and that the important thing is to learn from our mistakes, seeking coherence between what we feel, think, say, and do, assuming our responsibility for helping the world advance.

We invite stakeholders to the next three important meetings on our Multiconvergence of Global Networks agenda:

  • 4th MRG Meeting: 5.12.20 between 18.30 and 21.00 (Paris), 14.30 and 17.00 (Rio) – at the invitation of the International Convivialist.
  • Viral Open Space: 22.11.20, 16h (Paris) and 20-21.12.20.

The links to these meetings will be announced soon.

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