On September 20 and 21 was held the 4th edition of the Viral Open Space (VOS), this online transitional space was created last March, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic (text of intent). Several participants who are part of transnational networks met in order to start the process leading to the next VOS which will be held on December 20-21 2020. Thus, the participants were able to discuss various themes seeking to consolidate the rapprochement of the initiatives proposed by their respective action networks. This meeting was created by the intersection of the efforts of the Multiconvergence of global networks and the VOS facilitation collective. Its objective was to contribute to the mutual recognition and articulation of different transition perspectives across the world.

Day one : Towards mutual recognition

The first day was devoted to discussions on the raison d’être of the VOS and what brings together the various networks around this collaborative citizen space. In fact, the participants were invited to form several discussion groups to get to know each other and share their experiences. Thus, this moment of exchange made it possible to highlight and reflect on common questions, allowing several themes of common interest to emerge : intergenerationality, tools and methodologies allowing real transnational rapprochement, feminist issues, etc. These questions were all fueled by a transcendent idea through focus groups : to think and act for the common goods of humanity, while building a caring political culture.

Day two : What gives us hope?

The next day, participants were invited to take ownership of the transition space offered by the VOS. First, two citizens’ initiatives were presented by transitional networks, to give visibility to their actions and deepen convergence with their initiatives : the Multi-convergence of global networks and the International Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals. Then, those present were able to suggest topics for discussion, thanks to a participatory methodology inspired by Open Spaces. The groups (divided by language) were thus formed, fed by the following questions : How to create or strengthen the link between our networks and our initiatives in the coming months? What steps, what actions? Several perspectives were put forward, relating to a diversity of global issues, sometimes controversial : the accessibility and usefulness of a vaccine against COVID-19, the creation of a basic universal income, use of communication tools to encourage multiconvergence and connections between networks, and, finally, intergenerational mutual aid in global citizen action.

In short, this step of the Viral Open Space has helped to highlight the networks that participate and are involved in it, while encouraging their rapprochement and mutual learning. The next meeting, which will take place in less than two months, will aim to move towards the virality of transnational solidarity (more information to come on www.viralopenspace.net).

The VOS aims to be a collaborative, learning and experimental space that aspires to link positive initiatives across the world. A worldwide call is therefore launched to all those who wish to help make this difficult period an opportunity for the majority to take an important step towards more respectful, more humble, more resilient and more creative societies. And more connected. On the way to the VOS of December 20-21 2020!

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Contribution of Katalizo la mémoire du Viral Open Space (by Philippe Maisonneuve, Carminda Mac Lorin and Laëtitia Vu)

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