On Sunday 5, eight international citizen networks from different countries of the North and the South virtually coincided in a first meeting. It was a meeting of people dedicated to different causes aimed at building a more humane, balanced, ecological and democratic world of solidarity.

The objective was to get to know each other, deepen links, and build on points of convergence, in order to strengthen what each network is doing and move forward in the articulation of common actions.

Members of Dialogues in Humanity, the Humanist Movement, the Convivialism International, the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), the Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth, the Economy of Francis and Clare, Viral Open Space and World Social Forum of Transformative Economies participated.

They spoke of themes that have no space in the mass media: the politics of coexistence; the politics of friendship; the restoration of ecosystems and social relations; the need for simultaneous personal and social transformation; an archipelago of initiatives; the demand for a global public patent for the Covid vaccine19 ; the need for a universal and unconditional basic income

Initiatives that the networks are currently promoting were also presented.

It was just a start. A new meeting with simultaneous translation is proposed for August 29th and 30th, and previous meetings in smaller groups to facilitate dialogue.

It is another attempt at collective construction, possibly with the difficulties posed by the difference in forms, in conceptions, prejudices, but also with the power of generous intentions.

Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth | Convivialism International | Dialogues in Humanity

Economy of Francis and Clare | Global Ecological Network | Humanist Movement | Viral Open Space

World Social Forum of Transformative Economies

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