Six years ago, I was in search of meaningful, inspirational films for my high school Italian class. A series of contacts allowed me to meet a powerhouse couple in Rome, Italy during a planned school trip. Paolo Bianchini and Paola Rota of Alveare Cinema srl ( create social projects through films that encourage awareness and action in a problematic world with perspectives on solutions to realize. And now, with the impending issues related to Climate Collapse, they have reprised their role as catalysts for inspiration and action.

With production slated for Spring 2021, their film, The Fourth String, presents a message based on a real cataclysmic event. In October 2018, cyclone Storm Vaia, swept through Northeastern Italy and leveled 8 million cubic meters of the specific type of spruce tree required in making Stradivarius violins.1(EFI, 12/2018).

“The message of the film,” says Bianchini, “is the salvation of life and respect for every living thing and its role in our environmental ecosystem.” The film and its mission have enlisted the collaboration of Professor Gianni Silvestrini, Scientific Director and Adviser of the Kyoto Club for timely scientific data and updates. New York artists Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd of Climate Clock World ( ) have joined the effort to offer real-time, visual reminders through installations of Climate Clocks of Red (Deadline – End) and Green (Lifeline -Rebirth) in participating parts of the world where groups and individuals wish to engage. Additional support for the film and musical soundtrack with messaging connected to these magnificent forests come from contributions of the Pablo Casals Foundation.

Organizations and people worldwide concerned with environmental issues are encouraged to use the contacts given in this article for further inquiry and information on how to support and participate in this project.

As Bianchini says, “We are all protagonists of change. The film and these initiatives are instruments offered to stimulate conscience into action from our imagination, making real change.” Be the change you wish to see in the world – here is an opportunity to make your interest a part of true respect for life.


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1Italy: European Forest Institute.