On July 20, the National Electoral Council of Ecuador announced the suspension of four political organizations and with it, their inability to participate in next year’s general elections. One of the suspended organizations is Fuerza Compromiso Social, an organization under whose legality the former members and followers of Correa’s former party, Alianza País, participated in the 2019 regional elections. The argument for the suspension, according to the statement, is “irregularities in the registration processes of these political formations.” The organizations have 10 days to present documentation and proof of compliance with requirements.

Faced with this decision, former president Correa wrote on twitter: “What a legal outrage! They have no professional shame!”

Furthermore, and also this week, the Ecuadorian justice system dismissed the appeal presented by former President Rafael Correa’s lawyer against the sentence of eight years in prison on charges of improperly charging contractors with the aim of using funds to finance the electoral campaigns of the political movement of which he was a member.

Also in response to this decision, Correa reacted in his account with the following words: “Although it’s hard to believe, it was to be expected (…) They aren’t going to defeat us, but I’m hurt for all the innocent people who are suffering because they (the current government) are trying to hurt me”.