The Senator Andrea Blandini invites you to the “Global Forum on Water, Earth, Climate and Diversity” that will be held on July 5, World Environment day. The forum will take place via Zoom, from 11 am to 2 pm from the Legislature of the Province of Mendoza to the entire world.

Just a few weeks of confinement without the dairy pollution caused by thousands of planes, millions of vehicles, and hundreds of industries burning fossil oils, were enough for humanity to verify that it is still possible to recover the health of our planet.

The scientists from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) affirm that the main cause of the appearance of zoonotic diseases, as COVID-19, is environmental change. These diseases are usually the result of human activities that cause alterations. The alterations can be seen in the use of soils, in climate, animals or human hosts, and pathogens that evolve to exploit new hosts. For example, the viruses associated with bats appeared because of the loss of their habitats due to deforestation and agricultural expansion.

The lack of humanity of this system, that has prioritized money and wealth accumulation of a few over the well-being of the rest of the population, is putting the availability of water, clean air, the earth’s fertility, the climate’s balance, and biodiversity at stake. Therefore, human life on earth is in danger. This is why it is essential and urgent that we, the ones that are conscious of this reality, connect and unite with each other to assume the compromise of transforming it. This compromise should be active, to fight together without the need of violence, to defend water, soil, climate, and diversity in our countries.

Some lecturers:


Lawyer (UBA). President and founder of the Green Party of the Argentine Republic. Director of Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.


Filmmaker, politician, cultural icon, and disseminator of environment related topics.


Founder of EcoLeaks, promoter of the fight against fracking in Mendoza and environmental exiled, currently residing in Germany. Graduate scientist at the California State University, EE.UU. Founder of EcoSur.


Professor at La Habana University.


Journalist, humanist, co-director of the International News Agency “Pressenza”. Researcher and activist for Universal and Unconditional Basic Income. She is part of the Humanist Network for a Universal and Unconditional Basic Income.


Scientific and social researcher, educator, psychologist and writer. Author of the international bestseller “The gardener”, and other 14 books. Director of “The Earth Stories Collection.”


Creation of Secto Zero and the Earth Charter. Anthropologist and Educator.


Chilean National Congressman. Humanist, follower of the school of thought, spirituality and social action founded by the Argentine Mario Rodríguez (Silo).

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