Many have noted that the era in which we live has uncanny parallels to our historical past. As a teenager in the 60s, I remember the American unrest during that period. Reading about it in from different points of view over years brings focus, yet circumstances we are living through now pluck certain nerves for many of that era.

Some of the most moving, most remembered and soul-stirring memories come from the music of that period—Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Pete Seeger, Sam Cooke, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Credence Clearwater, Aretha Franklin…the sounds continue. And now, today.

The Dixie* Chicks[1] of country music fame have changed their name to The Chicks and have released a protest song to herald that move.  The song “March March” captures the message of listening to our own hearts, minds, “our own drum” and “stand” for something.  By doing so, we find that we stand, even as one, shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters, united in voice, emotion, and action for positive change and vote – for equality, humanity, caring for our world, each other, and peace.

The music is moving – the video footage, historic.

“If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.” – unknown

Use your VOICE. Use your VOTE.

[1]  The term “dixie” was originally derived from the Mason-Dixon line and referred to the collection of Southern states that used to form the Confederacy. The term has developed connections to racism and white supremacy, since many Southern Democrats severed their ties with the Democratic Party and adopted the label Dixiecrat in the late 1940s in opposition to extending civil rights to people of color. Dixiecrats is not the name of an official party, but the term “dixie” may still have racist connotations.