Latin American personalities on Tuesday condemned the eight-year sentence given to ex-president of Ecuador Rafael Correa and his disqualification from participating in elections in that country.

The ex-president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya (2006-2009) repudiated the ruling against the most popular ex-governor in the history of that country, for his measures and policies in favor of the Ecuadorian people.

‘Lawfare of the 21st Century against Rafael Correa. We condemn this act of legal barbarism by @Lenin, which only condemns those who pass it. The respect, prestige and appreciation for @MashiRafael today is greater and more meaningful throughout Latin America,’ he posted on Twitter.

Other personalities from the region repudiate the ruling of a court in Ecuador in the midst of the tragedy that the country is experiencing because of the Covid-19, with thousands of positive cases and numerous deaths in the streets of Guayaquil.

The ex-president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, expressed his ‘complete solidarity with comrade @MashiRafael, who is a victim of unlimited political persecution.’.

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